5 Common iPod Touch Parts

5 common iPod Touch parts

The iPod Touch is built with 5 common components, all of which are vital to the functionality of this device.

iPod Touch Screen & Digitizer

The outer glass is by far the most commonly damaged part of an iPod Touch. The glass can become cracked or busted in a multitude of ways, often due to hard impacts. The replacement glass also comes integrated with a digitizer. The digitizer controls touch functions, so when the iTouch becomes nonresponsive to touch, the problem is likely to be digitizer related (either damaged or unplugged from within).

iPod Touch LCD Display

The LCD screen is the iTouch’s inner display and it’s a completely different part than the outer glass. A faulty LCD screen is identified by certain signs such as a white screen, a blank or black display, or black lines/blotches visible on the inner screen. In many instances, the outer glass and inner LCD will both require replacement due to heavy damage.

iPod Touch Battery

The iPod Touch features an internal battery that requires recharging through the USB port of your computer. Since all rechargeable batteries eventually die, monitor your battery life to understand when the iTouch battery might require replacement due to diminished capacity. Batteries can be harmful to the environment so be sure to properly dispose of your old battery upon completion the repair.

iPod Touch Headphone Jack

The headphone jack is responsible for the production of audio. When the iPod Touch headphone jack becomes faulty, look for certain signs such as: static audio output, no sound produced at all, or audio in one ear only.

iPod Touch Backplate

The shiny rear panel of an iPod Touch can easily become dented, scratched, or warped. Often the result of a hard impact, the backplate sometimes requires replacement because it affects functionality or creates an unsightly cosmetic condition.

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