Symptoms of a broken iPod screen

Broken iPod Screen Symptoms

A broken iPod screen is amongst the most common damages of Apple’s portable music device and it’s one of our most highly requested services. Look for these warning signs to confirm your need for iPod screen repair.

My iPod Screen Is White

A white screen on iPod always derives from the inner LCD screen and never the outer glass. Sometimes the issue can be easily corrected by readjusting the screen cable, but usually a replacement is required to fix a white screen on iPod Touch. If you’re getting a white screen accompanied with an error message, visit the iPod hard drive section.

Blank Screen On iPod

Blank screens lack any type of display response (completely black). This means, no visuals and no white screen…just a completely blank iPod screen. The iPod still powers on and is fully functional except without the display. If this is you, there’s a 75/25 chance that this will require a replacement iPod screen. There’s a 25% chance of iPod logic board failure.

Cracked iPod Glass

A broken iPod screen is the most common damage that affects the iTouch. With their portability coupled with an ultra-slim frame, it’s easy to understand why cracked iPod Touch glass repair is in such high demand. A cracked iPod screen is often caused by a hard drop or impact. Repair of a cracked iPod Touch screen requires replacement of the outer glass (not inner LCD) for Generation 1 – 3. 4th Generation iPod Touch screen repair consists of replacement of both the outer glass + inner LCD.

Busted LCD Display

A busted display appears as a dark blob on the screen. It can consist of a white screen with dark blob, or normal display functionality except for portions of the screen showing black lines or spots. A busted iPod screen is most commonly caused by hard impact damage such as stepping on the iPod or dropping it.

iPod Backlight Not Working

The iPod backlight not working issue is usually caused by corrosion on the LCD cable and logic board. Although this isn’t always the case, it is a frequent cause of iPod backlight issues. For instance, an iPod Touch backlight not working is typically due to exposure of the iPod to liquid or moisture. If the corrosion doesn’t reach the logic board, the repair can be completed much more affordably. Regardless of exposure to corrosion, the LCD cable causes backlight issues most often. If the corrosion has damaged the logic board, visit the iPod logic board section.

See our iPod screen repair section for replacement options.

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