iPod Battery Replacement Service

Are you experiencing a diminished battery life? iPods feature a rechargeable battery and each one has a limited lifespan, which means that the capacity & performance of the battery will gradually decline over time, eventually to the point of requiring replacement. As the battery life begins to shorten, so does the performance of your iPod.

iPods utilize lithium-ion (li-ion) technology which offers faster charging capability, longer battery life, and are physically lighter in weight.

Battery Life vs Battery Lifespan

“Battery life” is the duration of time that a device operates before requiring a recharge. The life of your iPod’s battery is often determined by the tasks you perform with the device.

“Battery lifespan” is the duration of time that a battery lasts before requiring  replacement. The lifespan of your iPod’s battery is often determined by its chemical age and the total amount of charge cycles.

Tips for improving battery life and lifespan

✓ Avoid prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures (hot or cold). An ideal temperature for Lithium-ion batteries is between 62° to 72° F
✓ If you keep your device inside a case, remove it prior to recharging in order to prevent the battery from becoming excessively hot
✓ Charge your device 50% when storing for prolonged periods of time. This reduces the chance of “deep discharge state” or capacity loss
✓ Update your firmware and optimize the brightness or backlight settings

As the li-ion battery chemically ages, you will notice that the iPod remains charged for shorter periods of time before requiring a recharge. This is the nature of this technology and should be expected.

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