iPod Hard Drive Replacement

Kit includes:

100% Authentic Apple Parts
Free Pry Opening Tool
1 Year Warranty

Apple’s iPod classic hard drive is comprised of platters and small moving mechanical parts, and although it was wrapped inside a bumper designed to absorb jolts and impacts, the iPod hard drive proved to be one of Apple’s most fragile parts, frequently being prone to failure.

Need to replace your iPod hard drivel? Good news! We offer two easy and affordable solutions.

1) The first option is our do-it-yourself iPod hard drive replacement kit. This is an excellent choice for those of you who know how to replace an iPod hard drive. Choose this option to save money on the cost of replacing the iPod’s hard drive. We include a free pry tool with every order to simplify the process of installing the replacement iPod hard drive while also ensuring a successful repair. But take note that this repair can be risky and very challenging, so proceed only after you have prepared accordingly.

2) Unsure how to replace the iPod’s hard drive, or struggling to figure out how to remove it? No worries, we’ve got you covered! The second option is our professional iPod hard drive replacement service and is designed for those of you without the time, skills, or desire to replace the iPod hard drive yourself.

Warning: Do not take chances with aftermarket hard drives! Aside from inferior performance, cheap Chinese knock-offs expose your iPod to a high risk of future issues! Buy from us and have peace of mind knowing that the job will be done right and our hard drives are 100% original Apple factory replacements – guaranteed!

Our catalog features replacement hard drives for all iPod classics, including hard drive replacement for iPod 6th & 7th generation, iPod video 5th generation, iPod mini 1st and 2nd generation, iPod photo 4th generation, iPod classic 4th generation, and iPod classic 3rd generation.

A few reasons for iPod hard drive replacement include:

✓ iPod sad face
✓ iPod click of death, iPod red x of death
✓ iPod skips, iPod freezes
✓ iPod stuck on Apple logo, iPod stuck on OK to disconnect
✓ iPod freezes, iPod causes iTunes to crash
✓ iPod shows no music
✓ iPod error 1437, iPod error 1439
✓ iPod restore error 1429, iPod restore error 1413
✓ iPod corrupted (restore doesn’t work)
✓ iPod won’t restore
✓ …And the list goes on and on

Service includes:

100% Authentic Apple Parts
Professional Installation
1 Year Warranty

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