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100% Authentic Apple Parts
Free Pry Opening Tool
1 Year Warranty

The iPod’s liquid crystal display (LCD) began its evolution in 2001 with the 1st generation model which featured a 2” monochrome screen with LED backlight and 160×128 resolution. By the end of its run in 2014, the 7th generation iPod Classic boasted a 2.5” QVGA LCD color screen with a 320-by-240-pixel resolution capable of displaying photos and videos.

The iPod’s screen is easily one of its most fragile components, and unlike most other failures, LCD damage is visibly noticeable. Replacement of the screen will resolve issues such as:

✓ Cracked screen
✓ Dead pixels
✓ Shattered glass
✓ Broken display
✓ Faulty backlight
✓ And much more

Service includes:

100% Authentic Apple Parts
Professional Installation
1 Year Warranty

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