Our 8 most popular iPod parts

Our 8 most popular iPod parts

We’ve compiled a list of our top selling iPod replacement parts and it consists of these eight common components.

iPod Battery

The iPod features a rechargeable lithium battery capable of long playback on a single charge. The capacity of lithium batteries diminish slightly after every recharge cycle until the unit exhibits typical diminished battery life. At this point, a replacement battery is required to renew full capacity.

iPod Headphone Jack

If you’re experiencing audio issues or your iPod only plays in one ear, the problem is likely to be headphone jack related. The headphone jack is one of our top sellers for a reason. This component is responsible for some of the most common failures known to affect Apple’s iPod Video and iTouch.

iPod Screen

Apple’s iPod screen has evolved from a monochrome display to a touch sensitive high resolution widescreen display. We offer high quality screens for every Apple model and our prices are unbeatable! Choose from iPod Touch, iPod Classic, iPod Video, iPod Nano, and more.

iPod Hard Drive

A clicking hard drive, sad face error, or red x on iPod are all common hard drive issues. Sometimes the problem can be fixed by simply replacing the HDD cable, but many iPods require a replacement hard drive to restore proper functionality. Be sure to identify compatible replacements for your iPod model prior to placing an order.

iPod Logic Board

All components of the iPod are connected together via the logic board so its importance cannot be overstated. A damaged logic board can cause many issues with display, sound, and control functions. A dead iPod is the most common result of a faulty iPod logic board and exposure to water is the most common cause of failure.

iPod Click Wheel

With the popularity of touch sensitive screens growing, the use of click wheels is dying. The click wheel is now considered a remnant of the rapidly evolving world of digital technology. If you have an older iPod and the scroll or button functions aren’t working, the click wheel is likely to blame.

iPod Backplate

Cosmetic imperfections can flaw an otherwise perfect iPod and scratches, dents, and engravings are considered the most common reasons for backplate replacement. Upgrading or downgrading your iPod’s hard drive sometimes requires replacement of the backplate as well.

iPod Faceplate

The faceplate is the only component on our list of iPod parts that doesn’t affect the functionality of the device. Replacing the faceplate is strictly for cosmetic reasons and is typically due to surface scratches and scuffs which can affect the ability to enjoy display related features such as photos and videos.

See our iPod parts page to browse our catalog of iPod replacement parts.

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