Common iPod Battery Problems

Common iPod Battery Problems

Since an iPod’s battery is vital to its functionality, iPod battery replacement is a popular option for customers experiencing battery problems. As with any lithium-based battery, the capacity becomes slightly diminished after each recharge. Exact iPod battery life depends on how the device is used. Certain operations (such as video viewing) are more power strenuous than simpler tasks (such as music listening). Eventually, you will begin to notice certain warning signs of a dying battery.

iPod battery won’t charge

If your iPod battery won’t charge, it’s likely a battery related problem. If the unit powers up when hooked to an iPod battery charger, but immediately dies when unhooked, an iPod battery replacement is probably in order.

iPod battery life short

When your iPod battery dies quickly, this is an indication that the device has completed a high number of charging cycles and the component is beginning to fail. At this stage, a new iPod battery will restore the lifespan and allow continued usage.

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